Section 1: Days of peril

Who dares wins

Second round


I admired my decision to move to Kachchh for fighting the ghost in the bus journey from Ahmedabad to Bhuj on February 4.  A book on Khasi people, culture and tradition was kept on the overhead rack of the bus for my casual reading in long journey of eight hours. Khasi spirit is sheltering in the book and using it as a base was a strong feeling in the afternoon during the journey.

“I may get rid of her perennially if I tie up the wicked spirit with the book through my command and send the item by post to Urvashi Hotel,” I said to myself.  The spirit looked weakened at Ahmedabad; and, risk of losing a costly book was worth trying for the success of the idea, I felt.

I was a regular visitor of Anam Hotel at Bhuj, staying in its room 21. My room in the hotel was with me by the evening of February 4; and, by the midday next I got rid of the devil of Khasi Hills. After commanding the spirit three times to remain asleep in the book before reaching Urvashi Hotel, the book was mailed to the Manager of her jinxed abode of Guwahati – Hotel Urvashi.

 My young geologist joined me for the fieldwork in the evening of February 5. He was in the room when it grew dark, and lights of the room switched on. Soon, the bulbs fused one after the other, and replaced as they were off. Five bulbs were gone.

 My strategy had failed mockingly. The alien spirit demonstrated that my command stood discarded due to her powers. The spirit-wife clung to me overruling my psychic command.   She neither slept in the book nor moved out of Bhuj along with the post-parcel. Spirit of Malun was very much awake and present in the Room 21 of Hotel Anam, kicking the lighted bulbs one after the other five times. My strategy to drive the spirit away from me had failed mockingly while I lost foolishly a newly purchased, costly book about Khasis.

Second move from my adversary was sooner than expected.  Passion and forceful desire for conjugal interaction with the spirit’s medium of 29C were building fast after the sunset of February 8. It was a wrong signal, I knew; but, the pressure was irresistible and I succumbed helplessly.  Around 9, I was in the same condition as in the plane, albeit the teenager was no more there to keep her head on my shoulder; she was 2000 kilometers away.  Distance was half a foot between her and me in the wee hours of January 17, and 2000 kilometers in the night of February 8. Perceptively, it made no difference in the Tantra-induced conjugation of Lonkha parching on the spirit of Malun. Distance between a conjugant pair does not change the result in Tantra, I discovered.

Another wave of passion hit me on the next day while proceeding for the fieldwork in morning. The ominous excitation shook me badly. Conjugal act moves in pairs in the case of a new wife. The first act injects her force of passion in the male pairing with her; the second intercourse drains his energy to drive satisfaction in the conjugant female. Energy flow to the female is proportionate to the energy she has pumped in her partner in the first conjugation. In the rules of Tantra, the wife who wins in first round of pairing always   attempts a second locking of the same penis in her vagina till discharge. Tantrist female would continue her offence on the male after her success in the second round till he dies of exhaustion. Ambiguous information of this kind was with me from my native place Varanasi, a center of knowledge about Tantra.

 I visualized a potential danger to my life when the passion hit me in the morning while getting into the car for the fieldwork. Chances of my survival were slim in case I lose in conjugation this time, I surmised when I returned to my room in the evening.  None could save me if the spirit wins her second round. Life and death may have a decisive dance in my room tonight was a natural speculation while switching on the lights of the room.

 The second round in the conjugal game of Tantra was played on the night of 9.2.89 as expected. The spirit changed me into a ram and my organ got locked in the hole of her medium 29C.  I resisted, with all my will, the overriding passions pulverizing me to bits. Strength of Tantra in the spirit of Khasi queen and her commanding goddesses pressed me towards zenith of excitement and discharge; and, I dragged the sleepless night of 9th to the dawn of 10th for my survival.  Losing the fight meant a death warrant for me; and, I did not like to die the death of a ram in the story of my childhood.

Our organs continued as locked, however, in the morning when I left my bed in half asleep state on February 10. It continued as another day of ordeal between daybreak to bedtime. I continued as half-awake on the bed; and,   when I looked at my watch at 3 in the night, my misery of the penis locked in the vagina of 29C was continuing.  At 4 O’clock in the morning, however, the pressure of passion was over suddenly. Our organs had separated to my relief.   Forty-two hours of conjugal tie-up had ended without my discharge.

 I had knocked down the spell of spirit’s passion pressure and demonstrated my strength of celibacy.  The second round of the battle of Malun’s goddess and me was trying but its result was decidedly in my favor. The spirit was defeated on the morning of February 11. A human had scored his first victory over the commanding force of the alter world ruled by the gods and spirits.

 She may not attempt to harass me any more hereafter was a gentlemanly view of mine on the occasion. This is what happens between two warriors in a keg. They fight bitterly, and one attempts zealously to overpower the other. They shake hands, however, and depart after the fight is over. I had a feeling of relief with my surmise and positively projected future; and, spent a few more days to complete the field work of Kachchh with a worn out mind and exhausted body.  

It was the desert environment that had failed the Tantrist queen, I speculated.  My strategy of a desert as the battlefield had led me to success because the desert of Kachchh did not support a native from lush green Meghalaya, I thought.   

Now I prepared to be back to Dehradun by a flight via Mumbai.