Section 1: Days of peril

Who dares wins

Vishnu-Siva unified


I was whiling away time at Delhi Airport till the midday of February 3 as a waitlisted passenger for the evening flight to Ahmedabad.  Condition of my pain and other problems were no different than   Dehradun.  A group of tourists booked in the flight cancelled their tickets for the business city of Gujarat and all the waitlisted passengers were now in a queue for their boarding passes.

  A tall, fair lady was standing behind me in the queue. She pointed to an elderly man with a younger, attractive wife and said “Possibly, I   have seen the man somewhere.” 

“He is Ravi Shankar, famous sitarist,” I responded.

An idea struck her instantly. “Oh! Let me have the signature of the man on my boarding pass; I will show it to my children,” she said with excitement.

I have some admiration for offbeat ideas, and encouraged her to bypass me for collecting her   boarding pass quickly to have signatures of sitarist. He was showing his sitars to the security men for physical check.

I saw her standing with boarding pass and a pen on the other side of security check after my security-check was over.

“Has he signed?” I enquired.

“I have heard, he is an arrogant person   and may refuse to sign, I’m afraid,” she replied.

I took her embarkation card; reached the sitarist and said “Pundit ji, the lady wants your signatures on her embarkation card. Please sign.”

Within 30 seconds her pass was in her hand, signed.

She was overwhelmed at the ease with which the artist had signed her card on my request. She asked me to put my signature also on it for the memorable occasion. I signed it   in Sanskrit after some hesitation.

Unable to read the name, she enquired “How do I pronounce it?”

“Jagadishomrityunjay – the god who rules the world and dies not, it means literally,” I replied and explained “it also connotes Vishnu and Siva combined as one or Vishnu-Siva unified.”

I had my first relief in the struggle against the spell of Malun’s Tantra at Ahmedabad.  Command for licking the organ of the teenager was no more there; and, an air of relaxation was upon me after 18 long days of the ordeal beginning on January 17. Surprisingly, even the pain of my scapula had vanished, I noticed after reaching my hotel.

  No one had done anything to break the spell of the Khasi spirit. My misery had just vanished after I met the luck-laden lady of Gujarat and obliged her by signatures of the sitarist. She derailed the victimizing spell of Tantra cast by the Khasi spirit. Neither the conscious mind of the lady nor I knew the process of her whisking me away to freedom from my condemned state of licking a female organ like a ram.

I was relieved and relaxed in the hotel of Ahmedabad. There was nothing for me to do there except to prepare for catching a bus to Bhuj next morning.