Section 1: Days of peril

Who dares wins


Ray of hope


Time had a changed perception after my returning to Dehradun from Isamati. Earth-time moves at a speed of 1818 frames per second in the domain of Consciousness (3), I had estimated.  It was moving no faster than a frame per minute as I felt in the second fortnight of February ‘89.  An hour was almost an infinite span for me. I was just keeping myself composed, facing the agony silently in such a slowly moving regime of time. 

A change was writ on my face, and my wife asked frequently if all was well with me. I had no option but to maintain either silence or deny emphatically about anything going wrong. Silence was for a simple reason. There was no medicine for my illness. I was suffering under the possession of the Khasi spirit of Urvashi Hotel who had taken the teenager girl of 29C as her medium. Solution eluded my problems even after struggling for several days because the case of possession was complicated and lay beyond a common exorcist. Goddess Lonkha was tied with me conjugally through the spirit of Khasi queen Malun as channel and teenager as medium. My freedom was possible only through Tantra. It was doubtful if I could get a Tantrist for challenging my godly tormentor.

There is no way except to fight Lonkha myself; but how? I didn’t know. I was merely passing day after day in silence, hoping only to hit a solution for my irresolvable problem some day. It was very real to me experientially, crushing and dissolving my will to rise against the goddess in a fight.

I recounted my early years of office under the killing stress. There was a phrase for my hope in the moments of depression and desperation – who dares wins. The logo was in glittering brass letters on a jeep of Indian Army, seen often on the road of our office in ’62-63.  A ray of hope was there in the phrase: I could win if I fight my tormentor. The scenario of my battle was altogether different from the physical world, however. It was a duel between a living and a dead. I was living and I alone had to die in the battle with my adversary Malun. She was already dead but hanging over my head as a spirit. Worst!  She was behaving like a living wife occupying and using the body of 29C as her own.

My humiliation through licking a female organ and the accompanying physical   pain were forcing me to die crawling under the force of Malun’s Tantra.  An abject surrender was not acceptable to me, however; and, the glittering letters pumped enough will power in me to fight the spirit and her goddess. Although still nebulous about the course of action in future, I visualized that chances of my winning the adversary were slim at Dehradun.  I was fighting a doubled force in the world of spirits. Tantrist queen Malun was a spirit using her teenager medium 29C for energy and force to cow me down. If I move to a far and desolate location like the desert of Kachchh, the medium will be 2000 Kilometers away from my alien who must move out of Dehradun with me to keep a track of mine for harassing me. Such a separation between the spirit and her medium could impair their energy in transaction and help me.

 I planned a field trip of two weeks in Kachchh for a geological study guided by the idea of battlefield Kachchh for taking on my adversary. I asked a young geologist to join me at Bhuj on February 5, 1989 for the work. Bhuj is the main township of desert Kachchh in Gujarat.