Section 1: Days of peril

Wrath of gods?


Please move to front row


Our delayed flight took off from Kolkata around an hour past midnight of January 17. Lights were off soon after the take off, and we were attempting to sleep.  Legs of the teenager and mine touched each other for a moment while adjusting ourselves for a nap. They froze there as such, unmoved for a couple of seconds. A lofty wave of passion hit me when I separated mine from her.  The same was the feeling with her too, I felt. Passions were missing when our bodies touched again. Their separation caused a massive wave of passion again. My experience was unexpected and perplexing. Passions never hit me in past merely by a casual touch of feminine limb or body. Again, my earlier experience was: two bodies of opposite sex turn passion-charged only when they are in contact for a pretty long time. An opposite phenomenon was happening between us two occupying seats 29C and 29D.  Our passions disappeared when our bodies lay in contact. Passion charging waves would hit us when we separated from each other physically.

I lived through the perplexing situation, as if forced upon us by someone, for an hour when my head was in a jammed state.

To come out of the whirlpool of bemusement imposed upon me, I moved farthest from the teenager and attempted to sleep. Communion of our sex was complete with the routine discharge and innate satisfaction even in our separated bodies before my sleep deepened. I woke up and sat straight. Her head drooped over my shoulder for resting.  She requested me, to move to the front row to enable her to avail both our seats for lying down. Her request moved me to another empty seat.

I looked at my co-passenger as we parted after deplaning. She was a bewildered face and her large eyes wide open. I could understand the confusion stirring the mind of an unmarried girl. She had rested her head on the shoulders of some one in the right of a wife after her first conjugation; she was virgin physically.

 Neither my co-passenger nor I knew about the cause behind our unnatural marriage without any physical contact between us when we departed.