Section 1: Days of peril

Wrath of gods?


Beauty reappears in eyes


I was nearing Umroi Airport of Shillong as sun was approaching mid-heaven when my jeep passed through a weekly market of Khasis. It looked like a village fair. A stunning phenomenon hit me and unusual thing drew my attention instantly. I lost no time in catching a few snaps of the market in my camera for my analysis at Dehradun later, with leisure.  

 Women on the roadside looked extremely attractive and passion forcing.  Compelling was their attraction irrespective of their physical configuration and age.  I have been working in the area for the last twelve years. Beauty and attraction are common among young Khasis, but their womenfolk never exerted such an exciting attraction upon me in past.  Magical beauty and intense charm of Khasis was overpowering and masking my logic in explaining unexpected stimulation of sex in me.

I was free from feminine attraction for eight years after February 1981 since entering into   Brahm state of consciousness. My mind had continued undisrupted in the same condition till I moved out of Isamati on January 16. My new and strange attraction for the opposite sex in reproductive age, irrespective of their physical configuration, related somehow to my ‘death’ as a Brahm in the wee hours of January 16th.  I could not draw this simple conclusion at Umroi Airport while analyzing my unusual behavior towards Khasi womenfolk before emplaning the flight to Kolkata. It arrived a few years later.