Credits and Acknowledgements


Structure of Soul’ uses some uncommon illustrations and statements related to consciousness, souls or psychic   phenomena from earlier published documents. Sources of illustration and information have been indicated and referred in the text.  I thank the publishers of the articles or illustrations that have been quoted or re-illustrated in the present work for the cause of elevating our knowledge about soul among my fellow humans.

My friend and past co-investigator of Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary, Prof. N. Bhandari of Physical Research Laboratories, Ahmedabad, needs special mention along with his son Vikram for the thoughtographs of solar eclipse. There was a time when Bhandari and I wanted to finish a scientific probe on these photographs and publish it under the banner of Science. My interaction with the nature, however, on a similar article of Consciousness Spheroids of Kedarnath, let me drop the idea till the scientific community of future accepts consciousness as a subject of investigation in science. It may take some time when thougtographs of Vikram or invisible objects like atma or attadhar will be in the ring of boxing scientists and their referees. Mr. R. D. Badgyan, Ex-GGM (Drilling), ONGC, Mumbai gave me a key thoughtograph of a Yogi dead long ago at Gangotri and his own photograph with atta. Mr. V. Raiverman, my loving boss of eighties and also a victim of the Khasi queen for extending help to me, has read the proof of the book and introduced needed corrections .  Their help is thankfully acknowledged. 

Some of my associates during service figure in ‘Structure of Soul’. Sufficient time has lapsed between past transactions and the book. Besides, I have also taken care that their exact identities remain masked when the issues are somewhat sensitive. I thank them all – friends and foes alike – to help me clear the burden of my karms and providing data for the document.



  ATTADHISTHANAM                                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Jagadishomrityunjay

 Dehra Dun

 May 23, 2002.