Catechist on the Wall


I was mapping rock formations around a small helmet of Jeolikot near Nainital during summer of ’60.   There, I met a witty and jovial catechist and soon we were good friends. Those days my messiah was Lenin and I had equal contempt for all religions exploiting the gullible folk in the name of God, Heaven and Hell.

In an evening chat he told,  “ I don’t know where will communists proceed after death, but it will be easy for you to locate your friend”.

Expecting a witty piece of humor, I asked “How?”

“ You will find me on a wall” He continued “ Hindus and Muslims will be on either side of it – in heaven and hell. Christians will be right on the wall, checking the trespassers”. We had a hearty laugh.

In the tailpiece of my document, the humorous pal of my young age flashes before me, now preparing seriously for his next assignment!

Wambach and my experience   abolish a key belief about role of a Monotheist God in life and in existence of a heaven or hell for soul after death.  Even a Virajapar has to have a next life soon after death. There is no option against next life because our soul needs a body for its food from mooladhar. Monotheist God, heaven and hell are in the stories of stone-age-men 50000 years ago, and are continuing in many religions. 

 An intelligent person can only place himself in one of the four categories of consciousness types (Table 4.1), and try to direct his actions for a higher state of consciousness in coming lives.


Table 4.1: Categories of Human Consciousness



 CATEGORY / STATE                    PERSONALITY                  TRAITS            


I: ULTRA-CONSCIOUSUS     Videh, Brahm, Virajapar       Direct ingestion and


                 STATE                     or Buddh.                             digestion of consc.


                                                                                               thru  Prajna.                                


------------------------------ Samadhi/Turiyateet Boundary ------------------------


II: HIGH-CONSCIOUS            Yogi, Paribraaj                     Semi-direct


                STATE                       or Ascetic                         absorption  thru


                                                                                            Mantra and Yog.


----------------- Acquisition  / Renunciation   Boundary  -----------------------




III: MEDIO-CONSCIOUS        Humanitarians, Nobles         Additional consc.


                    STATE                Deeply religious and             accretion thru


                                                Ritual-persons.                     mantras, prayers


                                                                                             and respect.                      


--------------------------   Liar/Truthful Boundary ----------------------------------


IV: LOW-CONSCIOUS             Money, Body  and               Consciousness  thru 


                 STATE                   Position  Seekers.                  food alone.




There is a saying in Sanskrit ‘mind alone is the cause behind bondage and liberation’.  One can easily check the status of his mind in the four categories above. The base population of man (IV) depicts an intelligent animal without any spiritual acumen; some persons in category III reach active spirit state; most in category II form active spirits. Category I includes Brahms and Buddhs. The four grades indicate levels of manojav alone and are unrelated to intelligence.


 My experience about personality shifts from a mortal to Buddh state gives three options for a person for future course of his soul. 1:  If mind is focused extrovertly, traits of secularism or materialism take over the person and excite him to lose energy of soul for community consciousness; soul may move to a subhuman form of life, as a  result.  2: A devotee of God will end as an active spirit lifting the food of consciousness from members of his community but stupefying next lives like Urvashee, now born as Urvee. 3: Only persons practicing Five Mahavrats and Yog can accrete and direct manojav to reach Buddh state.


Since a God with power to alter karms doesn’t exist, preaching and catechizing are doubly unintelligent acts. Firstly, the Faithful believes in falsehood about some one non-existent; and, secondly he wastes his mind and speeches on a non-entity (13). Proselytism proves madness.


Lastly, a village boy of eight, buried in me, blinks his eyes after 55 years and asks, “Did you achieve any thing spectacular, so far?”


I sum up “Society clad me with spectacles of ego during my years of education and service to promote its own growth as an ‘Animal Farm’. Through Yog and Tantra, I threw the goggles away and realized experientially: I gather consciousness energy in my mooladhar for my species and my soul lifts its little share as a reward of my effort. I move out of the barrier of Social Ranch  to the open Meadow of my Species”.


Achchha”, says the child with no thrill. For a young Jagadish, I achieve nothing.  With same condition of mooladhar at his age he asks,  ‘’ Why did you waste so may years for education and service then?”


Can some one reply him on behalf of an Ex-Corporate Manager ?