Progeny:  Maximum benefited


I was asked to write an article in ’56 for my college magazine on a strange topic to my age – Parental Care among Animals. I remember to have highlighted man as the highest evolved animal that cares for its offspring longest, up to adulthood during education. At Baku, there was something extra to understand about man. Man is not only an animal; the species is also a psychic population of emergent ‘active’ spirits and Brahms and the progeny is highly dependent upon parents for health and growth of their spirit and soul components. There is a strong bhavaschet bond between father à mother à child up to 12 years of age and every child lifts nobility, valor and peace from his father through mother.

There is a proverb at Varanasi ‘Crops grow through personal efforts while children grow through religious merit of father’. It is a practical understanding of the spiritual tie up between parents and children. In modern age we are learning through experience, once again, what is natural in parental care? We have passed through decades, feeding our children on powder milk through bottles only to discover lately that breastfeeding is good! It is now the turn of worship and rituals to improve the psyche of the progeny after successive ones are growing from rowdy to rowdier.  Example of Prof. BLK Somayajulu, working at the Physical Research Laboratories, Ahemdabad during eighties, may serve as an example. I asked him once “By your surname it is obvious that some of your ancestors has performed Somayag ritual.  The ritual carries its positive impact down to seven generations, my teacher told me once. In what generation is BLK?”  He was in fourth generation and his son in fifth. Impact of Vedic ritual had proved true till five generations. Somyag is an exceptional ritual, virtually beyond reach for a commoner. However, people may better remind themselves every day about their karmas (11) and resulting impact on progeny.


Vedic Mantras


One can take to Vedic Mantras for spiritual powers irrespective of his present religion since these are quite effective in action. They have to be memorized and recited in Sanskrit alone for their effectiveness due to Vedic though-field restrictions, however.


Some one asked me once “Did I exist in the Vedic times?”  Span of Vedic land covered three main rivers during eight and five thousand years -- Ila (= Na Ila = Nile), Bharati (Euphrates) and Sarasvatee  (Sutlej). I have seen a Vedic sacred thread of reed from Kirkuk in Iraq Museum, dating back to five or six thousand years.   All territories between Egypt and India formed the Vedic Land once and not only names like Abraham (Aa+Brahm = Brahm Experiencer) or David (Dyau+Id = Heaven Worshiper) are Vedic but also the tradition of circumcising is a crude literal act of a spiritual Vedic Tantra when the cult decayed in West Asia and fell in the hands of quacks. A Mantra of Tantra in the Brahmaved or Atharvaved implies, “ I pierce thy penis to enable you to reach Brahm and be expansive like the urine freed from urinary bladder” (12). Degeneration of Vedic cult of sacred thread led to this torturous ceremony to the agony and death of millions of children.


      Almost each one of us has a Vedic past between Egypt and India, extending to the north up to Black Sea. All can recite Vedic Mantras with positive results because soul can draw Mantra power from its past  spirits as exemplified  by  the case of Mr. Jauhari  Lal.