In November ’96 I was in the fire temple of Baku, near the shore of Caspian Sea. When I opened my eyes after chanting a hymn from Rigved in prayer of   Fire Goddess, there was a congregation of school children around me along with their teachers. I rubbed my finger on the shoot around the fire and made a mark on the forehead of the boy to my right, wishing him success in life. A line was formed immediately for getting shoot mark on head – girls and boys all included. There was no verbal communication   but they had a faith, a mark of fire will do them good. They remained   in a line till the ritual was over. Who had taught them to do so? None, sharing love and faith is an ingrained feeling in every human soul. It lies beyond cast, creed or religion. For Baku boys it was irrelevant that I am a Hindu and for me they were all the children of Fire, irrespective of being Muslims.  Names of religions are meaningless for intercommunication between bhavaschets because such communications relate to energy transfer from one soul to another.

A similar occasion of energy transfer flashed before my eyes involving a frail old lady in a plane at Calcutta airport during January ’85. The flight from Delhi had landed a short while ago and   sitting by her side, I saw a beeline of people with all sorts of papers in their hands, from little slips to the journal of the Indian Airlines – Swagat. She was writing a constant message on each ‘ God Bless You’, and then signing. After the line had disappeared, I lifted the little luggage of the lady, disembarked from the plane with her, and handed it over to a nun who had come to receive her at the airport.  In 1997, a huge Cross   floated during my evening meditation. Mother Cross was no more on earth next morning. Some one signing on behalf of God was not available to the people of India. Those forming a queue for her signatures were mostly Hindus and she was a Christian.  Energy transfer from bhavaschet, however, cannot draw a distinction between a Hindu and a Christian. It emanates from one soul and enters into another.

The two cases above relate to direct transfer of energy at spiritual level between a donor and a recipient. I had picked up energy from the Goddess of Fire at Baku through my prayers. Usual route of such transfer is: Energy of community thought regime (Goddess Fire) à vegetative nerves in the back of recipient à spinal chord à pons à manasthal à bhavaschet. Energy from my bhavaschet   moved to each student through touch. They felt valorous and happy and imparted happiness to me in lieu. This was also true for Teresa. Her bhavaschet was charged through prayer of God. A cow feels so happy to feed its calf.  The same was true for her.

Baku has a lesson for us. There is no better source of energy for the spirit within us than prayer (or Prajna) and unless a person performs ritual/prayer every day there is no chance of growth of his spiritual strength and related properties -- valor, courage and peace of mind. Thus, only those who pray could feel happy and peaceful. Atheists, Secularists and Materialists possess Low-energy-psychic-systems. They have to live in the misery of agitation, depression and haunting fears all life.