Brahm and attadhar also avail their foods in a living person. The former has two sources and the latter only one. Brahm avails its food, firstly, in the lower latitudes, through sunlight. Highenergy gravitational particles (gravitons) penetrate muscles and reach bones where these are absorbed by calcium nuclei and then the gathered energy is made available to cerebellum in the rear part of brain case. Bones of braincase, due to large volume and thin skin-cover contribute considerably in the absorption of energy for brahm. The other source of energy for brahm is the food in stomach from where the annasthal or food ganglion lifts the food for brahm (Ch. 1,Ref: 2, Box 8.1, item 13). In the areas north of 33°, annasthal is the main source of food for brahm.

In Prajna it is seen that foods gathered by atma, brahm and atta make their way ultimately to mooladhar (idem, item 1). Attadhar lifts ifs food directly from mooladhar through spinal chord and attasthal  (idem, item 6). Mooladhar of one individual is connected to other individuals of the same sex besides the mooladhars of his/her   spirits scattered in space-time. Attadhar of a Virajapar can also draw food from mooladhar of other individuals in a predator - prey relationship.