The rooftop and related photographs brought out four types of consciousness bodies that constitute a human soul.  There is a spiral body  -- attadhar -- made of galaxy like arms looking like a string of little balls. In smaller attadhars arms of galaxy are absent. Also, there are little spherical attas and larger balls of atmas.  Former are dense looking while the latter are less compact. Lastly, there is an unusual object – pulsating and jumping. It is brahm. Whereas attadhars and brahms are easily distinguishable due their shapes and features, distinction between atmas and attas is not clear at times. There is a continuous gradation in size and compaction of the two spherical bodies. Among human beings,  diameter of attas is two to four centimeters  while larger spheroids are atmas. 

In Tantra, distinction is obvious between low-energy atma associated with the frontal area of brain and hrit and high-energy atta associated with spinal chord, pons and devasthal. Both respond to word-related information and commands. The first, however, is related mainly to various feelings while the latter to memory and logic.  Their food intake is also different. Digestive system is the base of food for atma that lifts its food from the navel area of alimentary canal.   For atta, spinal chord acts as a food canal, especially its chest part. Its food intake is from spirits or souls as also from consciousness of environment (Chetanakash), interacting with the vegetative nervous system.