Method of Fructification

An example of fructification and execution of karms in the next life may be reconstructed from the photograph of Bill Watkins where he is not the subject of photograph (Ch. 1, Ref: 23, p. 175). The caption of this photo reads “ Three faint but still identifiable images of young Bill Watkins appeared mysteriously on Polaroid film, although the boy had not been the subject of the picture (left) taken by his brother. Shortly, thereafter, Bill was involved in a car accident” (Fig. 3.8). Technically, Bill Watkins generated an event-thoughtograph of his past life.

 A close scrutiny of the photo shows that out of the three figures in the same dress of   knickers, the one to the left alone belongs to Bill. Other two do not match with Bill. In a closer scrutiny, it is seen that the other boys have their left leg damaged and partly disintegrated.   The dark Negroid child to the right has also a plastered left hand. A damage to the two boys was possibly done by a reincarnation of Bill in some unknown past life. Soul of Bill, they thought, was responsible for their misery (and death?).  The bhavaschet of the then sufferers had contacted the soul of a healthy and happy Bill of now for a retribution of past. The soul had recounted and projected the thoughtograph wherein Bill is intact and the other two are in pain. He met an accident shortly to lift their pain and sorrow of past in this life by reaching a similar state.

Bill and his aliens

Fig. 3.8 : Bill Watkins and his aliens.  (After Ch. 1, Ref: 34).


Message is clear in the photo of Bill: we carry our misdeeds and sins in our migrating head after death.  In the new life, the ‘head’ becomes a part of the soul. However, it does not forget its karms and carries them out even on a new body. Avengers of past life appear when their turn matures and get projected by the soul to remind their curse. The sins, retributions and awards of the past are then executed by the soul in a new body. Karms are an inescapable compulsion on a soul and are not on the body that generates them. It is, however, important to remember that the physical body is the basis for executing karms. These become inoperative when the physical self is destroyed. Again, in the domain of karms an individual has to undergo fulfillment of his vyasti karms (individual’s karms) within an overall frame of samasti karms. It may also be emphasized that even community Gods behave as individuals and will not forgive persons who have hurt its community in past. The feller of Somanath Temple of Gujarat is a confused and agitated man in USA today after running away from Gujarat. He has no help from Allah because he is a Hindu now. Shiv, the presiding deity of Somanath, has remembered and exiled him from Gujarat after 800 years.