We are for educating the consciousness-rich men that they aren't just an animal species - a  truth our ancestors felt first more than half a million years ago while carving the hunt-God  in human image of a low-forehead man and naming the idol as Blei or Bali - 'The (sacred) Stone'. Ultimate, psychic form of man is god.  We also know a vital fact about our consciousness since ages. Manifesting as manojav or psychic potential, it varies among the learned of same level like water-depth in a pond from ankle deep to sinkable  (Rik. 10.71.7). 'None ever dies' noted high manojav Vedic bards.   A  spirit  migrates  away for new life at death. It leaves behind fire-reducible body and ever-alive psyche or Pitri-demigod worshipped by offerings under ritual of 'swadha'.

                People fall under four categories due to their manojav - Lowly-conscious: instinct-driven worldly men; Medium-conscious: logical, righteous type; Highly-conscious: Yogis; and, Ultra-conscious: Brahms andBraahman gods. Every high-manojav person is a potential Braahman god and his ultimate form Purush. How fast one reaches the ultimate goal of Purush state through the path of Yog, Brahm and Braahman god depends on his effort   in this direction

                   Three books of scientific information from Attadhisthanam are for conviction of higher manojavmen about ever-continuing journey of their soul life after life.  First is an account of long suffering of a Braahman-god due to his past karmas; the second documents the structure of our invisible soul; and, the third deals with a new domain -  'Science of Consciousness'.

          We condemn proselytizing. None tells a Eucalyptus seedling about its future height; it knows innately.  So are men's growth potential of their manojav.  Just coax your self and your soul will grow!  

               Intensive thinking and memorizing promote manojav or psychic potential in the soul, which, itcarries life after life.  First arrival of these traits led to making of wisdom-tools or Siva-lings (sky-indices) for marking New Moon etc.  These stone-tools with a round 'head' and triangular body were used for marking New Moon of Sirma (lunar year) around solstice in June.  Such an artefact was found with core stone-tools near Tendukheda (23o 6.4'E: 78o 55.5'N), central India. About 150,000 years old, it indicates deep thinking men who named 7 week days and the 3 seasons with 4 New Moons each.  Siva is their first wisdom god, worshipped also as first Yogi by Indians.